wally's mccallie avenue

Chattanooga has eaten at Wally’s downtown since 1937. The building and menu has changed through the decades, but our commitment to great food and service is the same as it always was.

local flavor

Welcome to the South! We are comfort food experts. The way we season our meats and vegetables reflects the tastes of our city and our region. When you eat at Wally’s you will experience southern comfort food at it's best - like your momma or grandma cooked it.


fast friendly service

We know that ‘lunch hour’ never means the whole hour, and weekday breakfast needs to be fast enough to get you to work on time. So when it matters we will get you in and out quick. And when it doesn’t matter, take your time and enjoy breakfast or lunch with your friends , family or just you and your newspaper or connected device.


complete menu

Sometimes you want a burger and fries. That’s been on the menu from the beginning. Other times you want a ‘Meat and Three’. We have at least 5 meats and two dozen side items available most days. How about a fresh salad tossed together with local produce, or one of our many hand-made sandwiches? It always tastes good at Wally's!


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